How do i remove dark spots on my face? (photos)

I am 40 and i developed the dark spots 6 years ago when i was pregnant with twins. They have since spread to both cheeks and i have no idea if their are any over the counter products that will actually work or if i have to go to a dermatologist which is super hard with my insurance as i need to be referred and my dic says to just stay out of the sun. I do now but that doesn't help getting rid if them. Please help!!

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Treating Dark Facial Spots

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The spots, from your history, started as melasma, pigmentary changes stimulated by hormonal fluxes. They are also caused and furthered by the sun, so your doctor is right, one of the things you need to do is protect yourself from the sun using a zinc oxide sunblock daily, year around. There is nothing over the counter that will treat these, so you do need to see a physician who is experienced in treating sun damage and melasma. You also should not worry about insurance, as treatment of this is considered cosmetic by almost all insurance companies. Treatment consists of either a good skin rejuvenation system like the Obagi Nu-Derm System (what I prefer as it works better than everything else and prevents recurrence) or a series of IPL treatments. (See

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