5 weeks post op from brachioplasty, will the open wounds ever heal and do you foresee nasty scars because of it?

Had brachioplasty 10/20/16. Arms have been extremely sore, pain worse then the tummy tuck. After the removal of the staples and sutures at 14 days my wounds opened. They are getting better but i am so worried that the scars will be horrible.

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Arm lift open wounds

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Allow them to heal over several weeks and then allow those scars 6-12 to soften, shrink and mature. At that point, scar revision can be discussed with your plastic surgeon.

In the interim, close follow up with your plastic surgeon is recommended. 


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The open wounds need intensive care by you or home health care and the close involvement of your surgeon. If cellulits is present then that needs to be treated accordingly.

May take 6-8 weeks to heal.

6-12 months later your surgeon can discuss scar revisions surgery.

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I'm sorry to see you have to go through all this, but wound healing delays and open wounds is a risks of surgery. It looks like you're on your way to healing. Keep in close contact with your plastic surgeon after all the healing is complete. Perhaps, if the scar are a problem a revision surgery with Embrace is a possibility 12 to 18 months after full healing is complete. Best, Dr. ALDO

5 weeks post op from brachioplasty, will the open wounds ever heal and do you foresee nasty scars because of it?

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   Continue to followup with your surgeon to get the best advice as the wounds continue to heal.  There will be months of healing before the scars will mature.

Arm lift wounds

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Sorry to hear that you are having problems post-surgery. You should follow your surgeon's wound care instructions carefully. Also make sure that you are eating a lot of protein to help your wounds heal. It will take several weeks for your incisions to completely heal. You may require a scar revision in the future if you are unhappy with the appearance of the incisions. This will all take time so you will have to be patient though the process, which I know is easier said than done. Once the incisions have healed, you can also discuss scar management with your surgeon, including silicone sheeting and possible steroid injections if necessary. Best of luck.

Arms will continue to improve

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Thank you for your question.

You are still very early in the healing process, the scars will continue to improve. An arm lift is a difficult procedure to heal from and the scars are not always thin lines. Once the scabs fall off you can start to massage and use silicone gel strips to help improve the scars. Until then remain patient and do not pick at them, it will only make them worse. Good luck with healing.

Open wounds

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Hi, unfortunately, the scars will be wider and maybe thicker than the original plan. At this point, you have to wait until it's completely healed in order to perform a scar correction. The good thing is there are several treatments to correct scar or even your doctor can do the scar correction by removing the old scar and create a new one. Take care!

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