Which of Midface Lift & Cheek Filler Would Help my Lower Eyelid Hollowness to Be Corrected? (photo)

I'm 27 years old and I've lower eyelid hollowness with 2mm.I consulted to an oculoplastic surgeon and he suggested me a midface lift together with placing sutures in lower eyelids but i've read that "Lifting tissues against the pull of gravity should probably be viewed as a temporary fix. When the midface does eventually fall, it may leave the eyelids in worse position than they were before cheek surgery." What would happen after this procedure when i get older? Are fillers less risky? How Long Will Each of the Method Last?

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Treatment of tear troughs

It is impossible to make any specific recommendations based solely on your posted photo which has a very limited view of the face and is slightly out of focus. In general for visible tear troughs in patients in your age group the best option is currently an injectable filler or fat grafting. Mid-facelift in your age group does not usually solve the problem because there is little or no fallen tissue to lift.

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Options for lower eyelid contour

Based on the single picture, I would say that your cheeks have not fallen and a cheek lift is inappropriate. You probably have a hereditary contour and it's mostly a relative "hollowness" because of the bulge of the fat pads in the lower lids.

I would consider a standard lower lid blepharoplasty, possibly done transconjunctival as no skin needs to be removed. An external approach would allow for grafting or positioning the fat pad fat onto the orbital rim which would fill out this area a bit. Another option would be to try a filler designed for that area. This would only last 6 months or so but it would give you an idea of what it would look like to fill in the area at the top of the cheek and would not be permanent if it's not a desirable result. Fat grafting to this area can also be done which should be permanent but the trick it how much to graft and exactly where to put it as well as how much is going to survive the graft. It's tough to correct it if it's not a desirable result. 

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