What Should I Expect From My Results Of Mid-Facial Implants. I Do Not Like My Nose Now

I am 3 weeks post op large terino malar shells 4mm and small 4mm silicone premaxillary implant. The Malars were placed through the mouth and used to augment the submalar cheek only. The premaxillary was put in through the nose. My nostrils are now large upturned and snout like and my nose is wider. Is this from swelling? If I remove how soon would I go back to my pre op look, my snout nose is concerning me the most, since I didn't expect it.

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You are still too early and have a fair amount of swelling to judge the result. Studies have shown that the ratio of actual soft tissue change to implant size with silicone implants is 0.75-8. So with 4 mm implants you are actually going to see only 3mm increase. This is significant over the large area of the implant but not as dramatic as you are seeing at this stage. Be patient for at least another 3 months. If you don't like it you can have them removed.

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Premaxillary Implants Will Cause Temporary Nasal Base Swelling

Since it is only three weeks after surgery, there no doubt is swelling that is still present. It usually takes about 3 months to see the final result from any type of facial implant. I would give it another three weeks to see if some of the undesired facial changes are there has been no change then I would consider removal. The premaxillary area is very sensitive to even small implants and it is easly to get an oversized premaxillary implant.

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