Is there any way I can get the alar part of my nose to go up? (photos)

My first year in middle school, people started bullying me about my nose. Then, it ended up becoming my biggest insecurity. I'm now going into high school, and I WANT it fixed. But I don't have the money for surgery. It looks TERRIBLE from the side. I've went home so many times crying about people picking on me because of my nose. people even put theirs finger at the tip of their noses and stuck it up to look like mine... I'd do anything for a change. Or anything that can help!

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Immature Nose

As others have stated it is never easy to have a facial feature that does not match the rest of your face. The nose dominates the midface, so even small imperfections are easily seen. Friends and strangers alike just seem to react in inappropriate ways, which can be very hurtful. The good news is that we have techniques to correct the problem. Your nasal bone and cartilage just never developed  or grew to match your face. We can borrow cartilage from your ear and/or rib to replace what never grew. The results can be very good, and certainly a better fit than you have now. There really is help available, and I hope you have the opportunity to pursue it.

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Rhinoplasty for congenital deformity

Thank you for your question  and photographs.   I am very sorry you are being bullied over your current problem.   It appears you have a congenital deficiency of dorsal cartilage and tip cartilage structures therefore  giving your nose  it's current appearance.   Remember, this is not your fault and this is what you were born with. Your nose can be fixed with extensive  cartilage grafting on the  nasal dorsum and extensive grafting on the nasal tip including a strong columellar strut graft .  A secondary surgery may be required to achieve the final appearance.  Your facial structures must  have growth completion by the age of 17 or 18 and that is when you should time your surgery.  My recommendation is to choose a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in rhinoplasty surgery. Your case is very complicated. Bullying is not okay.  Best wishes in your endeavors!

James Fernau, MD, FACS
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Nothing worse than a bully

I am truly sorry to hear about what you have had to go through.  I have a teenage daughter and cannot imagine how difficult life is already without people pointing out a something on your face that you are already self conscious about.  You are young and don't realize that these "haters" will only be part of your life for a very short period of time.  You will become stronger and more self confident when you realize how special you really are. In terms of rhinoplasty, the issues that you have with your nose are absolutely correctable but do require a fairly decent amount of work.  You are going to need a good deal of cartilage grafting to bring your tip down and elevate your dorsum.  Insurance may cover a portion of the procedure if difficulty with nasal breathing is also an issue.  The costs of your surgery would have to include surgical fees, anesthesia fee, and facility fee on top of what your insurance is already covered.  You are still quite young and from your photos is appears that you still have some growing to do.  I would suggest waiting a year or two prior to any elective surgical intervention for a number of reasons.  I do not know anything about your financial situation but would be willing to work with you if you have made an effort to seek employment and have made an effort to finance your surgical procedure.

Philip S. Schoenfeld, MD, FACS
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