ThermiVa for me? 39, 3 children, s/p Breast cancer ER+, PR+, partial hysterectomy and tamoxifen therapy.

We resumed intercourse 3 weeks ago and he says it feels like something is missing. I had a huge fibroid 10cm sitting in my sacrum, that's why I had the hysterectomy. I'm uncomfortable during intercourse at times, but still enjoy it. He on the other hand has been having issues with maintaining an erection. I'm sad and feel worthless and empty not being able to please him. We've been together for 7 years and had a great sex life up until now. Is this procedure going to help or even appropriate?

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ThermiVa and sexual dysfunction

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Based on your history I suspect that some of the issues during intercourse are caused by a combination of dryness and thinning of the vaginal lining and laxity of the vaginal canal, which would make you a great candidate for ThermiVa to help improve those symptoms. It is possible that your symptoms affect your husband's ability to maintain an erection during intercourse, but it could be that he has erectile dysfunction or a psychological issue in which case I suggest a consultation which an urologist or a therapist. Good luck.

Thermiva for me? 39 years old with ER+, PR+ breast cancer.

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Thank you for your question. Thermiva will definitely help you in your sexual response (more lubrication, tighter vaginal canal) and this will help your husband's response to you as well. This might not fix everything though, and you might also benefit from couples therapy. Good luck.

Great candidate to try ThermiVA

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Hello and thank you for sharing your experience.

With a history of multiple children and anti-estrogen therapy you would most likely benefit from trying a series of 3 ThermiVA treatments. The technology is designed to tighten the tissues of external and internal genitalia by use of controlled heating. The benefits range from tightening of tissues and promoting moisture production to possibly improving arousal and mild urinary leakage.

Seek an evaluation from a reputable practitioner in your area who offers ThermiVA to discuss how it could benefit you.

It Should Help!

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ThermiVa is basically a no-risk, pain-free, 30-minute procedure that effectively improves ALL functions of the vaginal lining tissue: blood flow, nerve sensation, moisture production, pelvic support, which improves mild-moderate urinary incontinence and vaginal prolapse.  All that will help, but it does not address your husband's ED, nor any hormonal changes you may be having as well.  For that, I would encourage seeking the advice of a specialist in bio-identical hormones and anti-aging medicine.  See link below for more information and a physician-locater.

ThermiVa for a 39, 3 children, s/p Breast cancer ER+, PR+, partial hysterectomy and tamoxifen therapy patient

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I believe ThermiVa  is a true breakthrough for women who have had breast cancer and resulting dryness and irritation due to lack of moisture which often occurs. Moisture and lubrication can improve significantly after just one treatment and the vaginal tightening that may occur  is a second significant  benefit. Many of my patient's partners have commented that they have noticed a significant difference during intercourse as a result of increased vaginal tightening.  

Greta McLaren, MD
Greenwood Village Physician

After chemo for breast Ca, sex isn't what it used to be

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Thermiva is a low risk, no downtime, comfortable procedure to help with dryness, atrophy, laxity, urinary incontinence, and orgasmic dysfunction. It is done in a series of 3 treatments. It's satisfaction rate is very high and has a rating on Realself in the high 90's. other measures to address the listed above problems are much more involved and have higher risks and downtime. I would try Thermiva. There's really no downside to it. 

Steven F. Weiner, MD
Panama City Facial Plastic Surgeon
4.8 out of 5 stars 70 reviews

Excellent candidate for ThermiVa

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Thank you for sharing your story.

 based on what you have described, I believe you are an excellent candidate for the ThermiVa procedure.

 We have treated very successfully many women with vaginal dryness due to  tamoxifen therapy with excellent results. As for your husband, there are many treatment options available for erectile dysfunction. He should deftly seek the advice of a urologist.

Thermi Va vs Vaginaplasty

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I am sorry to hear the problem you and your husband are having after your hysterectomy. It is normal for there to be anxiety and sexual issues after significant pelvic surgery for both partners.  Perhaps the large fibroid was compressing the vagina creating a tighter sensation for your partner. It is only 3 weeks since the surgery and healing is still taking place. Thermi Va could help increase the circulation to the vagina and aid in tightening the surrounding muscular fascia. If after 6 months and 3 Thermi Va treatments the laxity persists, surgical options such as vaginoplasty may be considered.

If the erectile issue continues, your husband should be evaluated by a urologist.

Christine Hamori, MD
Boston Plastic Surgeon
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FemiLift and ThermiVa Sex Life Tune-Ups are great options for breast cancer survivors on tamoxifen or other anti-estrogens

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If the vagina is dry and atrophic, laser resurfacing and/or thermiva rf will nicely restore lubrication and elasticity and make sex more comfortable. If your husband has erectile dysfunction, he should see his urologist as there are many excellent treatments for ED.


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Thank you for you question. Sorry to hear about your issues. Given the info you provided, you should be very good candidate for ThermiVa treatment. I would encourage you to try it. We see good results very quickly after the treatment. Hope this helps

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