Is it safe or recommended to have massage therapy after a tummy tuck with lipo? Will this help avoid that box look(no curves).

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Massage after tummy tuck

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Many surgeons advise massage after tummy tucks to help dissipate the swelling more quickly. However, I don't think it will affect your final result much at all. The result is dictated by the surgical techniques performed, and where fat is removed, skin removed, and muscles tightened. As well, you need to follow the instructions of your specific surgeon, as massaging areas which have not healed yet can promote seroma or fluid collections. Discuss this further with your chosen board-certified plastic surgeon.
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Post Operative Recommendations

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Thank you for your question!
As part of my post-op instructions, I recommend my patients to gently massage the area to prevent the muscles and surrounding tissue from tightening up.
That being said, it is very important to follow your board-certified plastic surgeon's post-operative procedures. Whatever their technique may be, they know your body and your procedure intimately and will be able to provide the best advice for your specific case.

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