How long does laser removal last? Is it permanent? What parts of your body are you aloud to have the procedure done on?

Hello, I am interested in getting laser hair removal for my body. I have a lot of body and I have ethnic skin tone. I am Colombian and my skin tone is brown. Is there a specific location near me where I may go to. Also, how much could I expect to pay and is it permanent?

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Best Laser for Hair Removal and Longevity of Results

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In my practice, hair removal is accomplished using the Vectus laser system. Although laser technology is constantly improving, the Vectus has remained the Gold Standard for Laser Hair Removal for years. It is currently the only laser available that permanently ablates treated hair follicles, thus the treated follicles do not regrow hair. This is quite different than other laser hair removal systems in that the longevity of the results is superior. Most other lasers provide at best 6-12 months of reduction in hair growth. (Approximately 1/3rd of my laser hair removal clients have undergone failed hair removal at other establishments that do not offer the Vectus). Our patients have been very pleased with the results obtained over the 3 years I've been offering this laser. The Vectus is completely safe for all skin types up to and including African American skin tones.
Another unique advantage is the size of treatment head on the Vectus.....10cm. This translates to more comfortable, faster treatments. We can treat an entire female body in less than 10 minutes. Other lasers typically require 45-60 min just to treat an average bikini line and the treatments with other systems is incredibly uncomfortable.
Pricing for laser hair removal varies by area of the body and by geography. In my practice, it ranges from $600 for small, individual areas up to $3900 for full body hair removal.
Locate a practice near you that offers the Vectus Laser. Contact them and inquire about specific pricing. You'll be glad you did. I've never seen a laser hair removal client that regretted the decision.

Newburgh Plastic Surgeon

Is laser hair removal permanent, what areas can be treated?

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Hello, thank you for your question.  Laser hair reduction is not guaranteed 100% at any point during the treatment sessions. There will be significant hair reduction, but can not be guaranteed. One of the things that effects hair growth is hormones. As a person ages and goes through various stages of life, hormones change. These changes in hormones can cause new hair growth. One important thing to consider when doing LHR on darker skin types is the wavelength being used. For darker skin types it is necessary to use the 1064 wavelength in order to be safe. LHR can be done on any part of the body if the correct wavelength is used. Pricing may vary from region to region and the areas being treated. Larger areas are going to be more expensive that smaller areas.Good Luck!

Mark A. Blair, MD
Phoenix Dermatologic Surgeon
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