Why are the Doctors in the US not as aggressive with BBL's as in other places like Dominican Republic?

BBL's outside the US have amazing results, especially in DR, while pic's of BBL's in the US are not as remarkable. Why is that? do I Need to go to DR To get a sculpted body are lg booty?

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the  reality is that the United States at the moment is the leader in fat transplantation and in fat transplantation to the Buttock. The term Brazilian butt lift was actually invented by a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon. In reality, in Brazil, fat transplantation to the Buttock is in its infancy stages. In Europe, it is rarely done. It is not done in China it is not done in Israel it is not done in Russia. 

 Columbia and the Dominican republic are two countries that have done a fair amount of fat transplantation.    however when you consider the greater numbers of reputable plastic surgeons in United States who perform fat transplantation to the Buttock, there is no question that the United States is the most popular country for fat transportation to the buttock.


Dr Delvecchio  

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