7 months post closed rhinoplasty swelling

Hi..i had closed rhinoplasty about 7 months ago and i still feel that its big and bulbous.. i removed my cast by myself 3rd day post op and my surgeon got really mad when he knew that i removed it earlier and told me that this will make the swelling take so much time to resolve.Did this affect my result?do i really still have swelling at this point because of what i did?thank u

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Dear Sidney,

Guidelines are essential for any treatment to work efficiently - medical or surgical.

Doctor-patient compliance is an essential instrument to achieve the desired result, in particular when things go wrong.

If you failed to follow your instructions, your recovery could be longer and your final result compromised. I really appreciate your honesty in this matter.

I would recommend to stay in touch with your PS and do not blame anyone else for the unsatisfactory result than yourself.

The swelling could go down faster if you are not a smoker and follow the instructions very carefully as given by your PS.

Patients are as responsible of the result as their surgeons.

I wish you the best of luck,

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