Middle of the Night Fear I Messed Up my DIEP Flap Reconstruction, is That Possible?

2 1/2 weeks out. Followed the don't push, pull, lift, twist, etc. pretty well. I was given a soft bra and a corset wrap for my belly, but told it was for my comfort and didn't have to wear it. I have not been massaging my breasts or belly or otherwise doing anything proactive, except for the approved PT exercises. Last night I felt some hardness and pain in my breasts. Am I supposed to be massaging or doing or not doing something important? I'm afraid I've really messed things up. Thank you.

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Post op DIEP flap

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Your symptoms are normal. there is no need to massage the flap. the hard areas will soften with time and are due to edema in the flap, ie. build up of fluid. the pain is due to nerve recovery and you will have some vague pains for a period of few months.

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