I'm over 2 months post Nose surgery (septorhinoplasty) i still have bruising under my eyes, will they ever go away completely?

I've had nose surgery 65 days ago that includes: Oteostomy to narrow nasal bone and remove hump, augmentation w/ silicon I shaped implant and ear cartliage for tip, lifting droopy tip, and alar reduction. I had terrible bruising 2nd day after surgery, lived with panda eyes for 2 months, just few days ago noticed that it slightly became lighter but i can still see that i have bruisng under my eyes and this area looks more sunken than before surgery, i wanna know what can i do to make it go away?

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Bruising after rhinoplasty

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Hard to evaluate without pictures, but it sounds like you had a lot of work done. In my experience it is unusual to use both cartilage and silicone, which suggests to me that you will have a lot of scarring and thus a long time for resolution of swelling and bruising. When enough scarring persists patients can have congestive shiners, the result of blocked drainage from above. This can take up to a year to resolve. You might benefit from sleeping upright. Sometimes warm compresses can help with persistent bruising by causing dilation of blood vessels which will wash out the bruise.

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