Overall results acceptable. Are my nipples to high or is just one side to high? (photos)

Had BA approx 19 days ago, I have silicone high profile under the muscle 450cc & 475cc. Have a few concerns, Are my nipples to high or is just one side to high? Im also concerned about the difference in my breast folds, one side is shorter than other....which side is a more desirable outcome? Dr said couldn't raise fold with good outcome?? I'm left being uneven in my clothing, I'm very disappointed. Implant sits low on one side and high on the other side.

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Nipple placement

sorry but I think they are both going to be too high. I would wear reallly good support so your implants don't drop any lower

Newark Plastic Surgeon
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Both breast heal differently

It is quite normal for one breast to be higher than the other as both breasts heal differently. The implants generally settle down within the first three months post op and can take up to a year. Please follow the post op instructions given to you by your surgeon and good luck with your healing!

Larry S. Nichter, MD, MS, FACS
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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