Is there a new injectable medication that gets rid of droopy jowls or wobbly skin under chin?

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Chin fat reduction

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Hi and thanks for your question. For fat reduction under the chin ,Belkyra is a injectable product the can permanently destroy the fat and FDA approved . It needs 2-3 sessions treatment .

For the loose skin and jawls , a combination therapy of filler , thread and laser would be good option . 

I suggest to see an expert physician for consult 

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Inflatables for mid-face

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Thank you for your question! For submental fullness (fat under the chin) Kybella is an option. It is an FDA approved product in the U.S. made of deoxycholic acid, that when injected into the submental area will permanently destroy the fat cells. You may need 2-3 treatments for desired results. For the jowl area, fillers made of hyaluronic acid (HA) can help lift the midface reducing the appearance of jowls. Another approach would be to have laser treatments to help tighten the skin in that area. Additionally, combination treatment of both laser and injectables can also provide a desirable outcome as well. Best of luck!


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It would be more ideal to answer this question if you provided a photo and/or gave your age. injectable fillers such as voluma and restylane Lyft are best used for the upper mid  face (cheek area). Fillers can be used for the lower face in areas such as the pre jowl sulcus to smooth out jawline definition , but they won't have much effect on lifting the jowls. Under the chin area treatments like kybella and Coolsculpting can reduce fatty tissue and submental fullness , but will not address wobbly skin. To really improve jowls and or skin in the neck , a lower face lift /and or neck lift maybe required . If you are under 50 years old, this may not be the best route to choose, alternatives include Ultherapy or infini and thermitight. These treatments can tighten skin without surgery. I like ultherapy/infini for patients mid 30's to early 50's, and Thermitight for patients mid 40's to late 60's. There are multiple routes to choose, but in general the more invasive treatment you choose , the more dramatic and longer lasting the results you will achieve. 

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Restylane Lyft!

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Thanks for bringing up this important question. I prefer Restylane Lyft to volumize the midface.  It is used to add volume and lift and fill parts of your face that have aged. Aging causes you to lose volume - especially fatty volume, but muscle and bone volume too. Lyft can be used to define the cheekbones, and provide a lift to the droopy face which can soften lines of the lower face such as the laugh lines. Lyft is hyaluronic acid (HA) based filler.  Restylane restores fullness and can reduce lines. These are hypoallergenic and not likely to stimulate your immune system. Typical starting amounts of Restylane Lyft is one syringe per side. If this is your first treatment, you may need more. Adding Restylane Lyft or Restylane to the chin area will volumize the chin similar to how it was in youth and remove some of the slack in the skin around and under the chin.


Dr. ALDO:)

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