Can a crescent lift fix my breasts? (Photo)

A week ago I replaced my teardrop 390s with smooth rounds 550s. My breast tissue before was hanging off the teardrops and I had constant pain and very hard breasts. Since replacing the implants my breasts are so much softer and the muscle pain I was experiencing is gone. But I still did not achieve the roundness/fullness I desire and on the left side, the old breast still hangs off a bit. Will a crescent lift fix this? I am frustrated!

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Breast Lift with Current Implants

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The objective of a Breast Lift (#Mastopexy) is to improve the shape and position of the breast without reducing their size. It is used especially for breasts which sag or droop (#ptosis) as a result of aging, weight loss, pregnancy, or breastfeeding. However, many women report more satisfaction if an implant is used at the time of #mastopexy. The implants further shape their breasts, restoring superior fullness or volume which may be decreased over time.
In regards to implants alone, this is usually said to be mistake by patients reflecting back at the decision. Most breasts will look larger and more droopy with solely implants. They will sag more and sooner, due to the sudden and excess weight. At times it's possible for a “Snoopy” breast or double bubble to develop as a result.  A Breast Lift can also be done while having existing Breast Implants and can be used to correct #asymmetry.
It is imperative you select a plastic surgeon who is #board-certified and has a great deal of experience with breast #augmentation and breast #lifts. Plastic surgeons who have specialized in breast and cosmetic surgery are suitable to perform your breast procedure. Aside from checking board-certification, it is suggested that you look at before and after photos of the surgeons actual patients, and read patient reviews. Gathering all of this information will help you make a well-informed decision.

Crescant lift great idea

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Your areolas are a little low and can be improved with a crescent lift. See a board certified ASAPS plastic surgeon with experience. Good luck...


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give the revision surgery some time. Let the smooth round implants settle into the pocket into their final resting position, then decide if you want/need a lift. 

Crescent lift

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A crescent lift will lift nothing. It doesn't do anything in terms of a lift. Based on your photos, you would need a vertical lift with a final lollipop shaped incision which heals quite well in most patients.

The use of breast implants only "lift" the breast so much. Many patients chase a breast lift with larger implants when they really need a breast lift. Don't be afraid of the scars from a breast lift as most patients are quite happy with their results. 

It's amazing how important proper positioning of the nipple-areola complexes are in the appearance of an attractive breast. 

Don't be frustrated. Your breasts are fine and if you can't live with them I would suggest a lift--but not a crescent one!

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