Options For Mid Face Groove And Under Eye Bags?

I have a midface groove/ bags under eye i went to lift these bags i had restylane injected it did improve but the indentations/ bags are still visible i still have dark dents

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Options For Mid Face Groove And Under Eye Bags?

Options For Mid Face Groove And Under Eye Bags?  Photos would be required to make an evaluation of your cheeks and eyes.

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Dear miguel5723

Without photos and a full exam/history it is hard to tell you what can or cannot be corrected with a surgical or non-surgical technique. The groove you mention may be part of the 'lymphatic' system around the eyes and this can be very diffficult to remove with any procedure.  Blepharoplasty - with canthopexy is the best for the lower eyelid bags and will maintain good eyelid position.

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Extended lower blepharoplasty with midface lift

is what you need. My own procedure for this will be published in the leading plastic surgery journal in 6 months. You can see before and after pictures of my patients on this site.

good luck!


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Correction of lower eyelid cheek junction

You have had one of the options done which works well for mild to moderate deformity/deficence. Other options include fat injections. Eyelid surgery with repositioning of fat and release of the orbicularis oculi muscle origin for a smother eyelid cheek interphase. Mid face lift through the eyelid surgery approach. See a board certified plastic surgeon to be evaluated and see which approach is best for you. Good luck!!

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