What are the advantages and disadvantages of Microphlebectomy for treating a blue vein in my temple?

I have a prominent blue temple going from the corner of my eyebrow back across my temple to my hair.  ...When the vein is removed would other veins compensate or dilate as a result? ..And how long would the proceedure take?

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Advantages of Microphlebectomy

Advantages of microphlebectomy to remove temple veins is that they would be gone. Disadvantages would be that it is a vascular area and you are prone to get a bruise and also show timy scars on your temple and may have an area of numbness in the temple. It is also an expensive option as microphlebectomy in the temple areas are not covered by insurance ($2000). 

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Every procedure had good and bad.

The advantages of microphlebectomies for treating your veins is that it is a one time procedure,  The disadvantages are that it will leave a small scar/scars, cause temporary  swelling and bruising and it is a minor operation. There is also a chance of the veins coming back over time(low risk).The procedure should take about 30 to 45 minutes and other veins should not dilate or compensate for removing these veins.

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