Microdermabrasion 1 Week Ago and Left With Full Face of Sunspots?

I had one treatment of microdermabrasion one week ago. I am fair skinned, but had a tan on my face when I had the treatment. After the microderm, I have been left with a face full of sun spots, and one big spot in particular -- almost the size of my entire cheek. Is this permanent? Will it go away? I have two more sessions but I won't go back if the treatment has these type of results. I thought it would HELP my sun spots (very few of them) but it seems to have done the reverse. I'm 35.

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Wait to see results

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Sometimes your skin looks worse after treatment then gets better. This may have happened to you. Please wait two weeks then go back to your practitioner to discuss your results.

Microdermabrasions can provide temporary improvement of sun damage.

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Microdermabrasions can provide temporary improvement of sun damage. If you want a more consistent, longer lasting and better result you should seek laser treatment.

David Goldberg, MD
New York Dermatologic Surgeon
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