Microdermabrasion and Lichen Planus

i would like to know if microdermabrasion can help on the pigmentation (dark brown areas) of lichen planus or dry skin? thank you

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Doubt It

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  I never heard of treating lichen planus per se with microdermabrasion. I suppose if the lesion has totally flattened out and you are left with post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation, then it might be an option. However, it would be far down on my list. 

   Lichen planus is best treated with intralesional cortisone injections. Topical steroids are used concomittently. 

  Be sure that you have been checked for liver disease. A fairly high percentage of patients with lichen planus harbor the hepatitis C virus. Since treatment for this is important and effective, all patients diagnosed with lichen planus should be tested for hepatitis. 

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