Microdermabrasion for Acne: Medspas and Dermatologists Use Same Treatment?

My 20 year old daughter has had acne for many years. No other treatment has worked. A dermatologist has recommended microdermabrasion. She has dark spots under her skin. Is there a difference between microdermabrasion performed by a dermatologist as opposed to a spa?

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Microdermabrasion for acne at dermatologist

There is a difference on many levels. A dermatogist has full training and understanding of the skin and its diseases. That is why we are called dermatologists. Since acne is the most common skin condition many of us see, we have developed a good deal of expertise in the area. This really goes without saying.

Many devices come at different grades. For instance, a microderm- abrator may come at three levels:

  • a spa level..sold to spas;
  • a stronger version..sold to physicians and an even stronger version...also sold to physicians.

Most dermatologists will utilize the strongest microdermabrator available.

It also helps that your dermatologist will be on site to evaluate and treat any problems. On two occasions, I was called to treat burns from one of Virgnia Beach's so-called medi-spas: the spa could not reach the "supervising physician". I think it is crucial that the person who backs up any problems knnows how to deal with them.

I appreciate the question.

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