I Just Had a Microdermabrasion Done in a Salon, is This Legal?

I just had a microdermabrasion done in a salon, but it was unlike any other I've had. I don't think the operator was an estetichian, but a licensed cosmetologist. Is this allowed?

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Salon Microdermabrasion

Every state offers differing criteria and regulations regarding what can be done where and by whom. Microdermabarasion may be performed in many settings including a dermatology practice, spa, salon, or even at home. The differences between the locations is typically the strength of the machine and depth of microdermabrasion. As a general rule, you are always safest having treatmnts done in the office of a board certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon where the doctor sets the protocols, trians the staff, and ensures that treatment protocols are appropriate.

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Microdermabrasion isn't a medical device

Technically microdermabrasion machines can be sold to anyone, so it's not illegal to have them done in a salon. There are even home microdermabrasion machines. The difference would be in the types of machines. Some of the better machines are only sold to physicians' offices, so those would be of a higher grade. The bottom line is that physicians' offices have higher grade machines and medical-grade products, other places don't.

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