Can Microdermabrasion Help Minimize Pimple Scars?

I never really had alot of pimples when I was younger, only 1 to 2 during that time of the month but now that I'm 23, I started to have them on my cheeks, forehead & chin. When I run my fingers over the scars, I dont feel them. But they are visible cuz of discolorations (red & brown spots). Can microdermabrasion help reduce them? Is it safe to have it every week for the first 6 treatments? Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks!

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Can Microdermabrasion Help Minimize Acne Scars

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Acne scarring is very, very, very minimally treated with any kind of microdermabrasion. The reason is that during microdermabrasion (dermasweep, silkpeel, or traditional) no skin is removed. Silkpeel, which is microdermabrasion with infused topical solutions, can help more with the discolorations you are talking about. I usually don't recommend patients do these treatments any closer than 10 days apart, just because it really does have an irritation component to it.

Microdermabrasion for pigmentation

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For pigmentation problems I recommend peels or laser treatments, though microdermabrasion may help you. Usually, your sessions are scheduled according to how severe your problem is. If you do them too quickly, it can actually harm your skin since you need time to heal after each session. That's why they're usually scheduled every other week.

Can Microdermabrasion Help Minimize Pimple Scars

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Its hard to say without a photo being provided of the acne scarring. Having microdermabrasion treatments can potentially help lighten the scar but not get rid of them completely. I also recommend doing your treatments atleast 2 weeks apart to let to skin heal and recover

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