Micro-liposuction for Area Around Mouth Due to Fat Grafting Problem?

I am in my 30s. I had fat grafting to my cheeks. It now looks more jowl-like and is weighting down my lower face. She also put fat in one of my dimples near my mouth and now I have a pouch of fat here. I am very distressed at my appearance which makes me looks older and weird. I am thinking about having surgery done to correct other issues and I know I could have this addressed then, but I have to wait a while for that, and I can't stand this horrible pocket near my mouth. Can this be done alone?

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Pouch after fat injections

This very question had just been posed on RealSelf.com.  Microliposuction and possible steroid injections may help but both have potential side effects. Speak to your doctor so you understand the risks of either treatment.

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Fat transfer

Dear jcutter,

Your options for removing fat include steroid injections, micro liposuction, and direct excision.  In my practice, I start with a low dose steroid injection to see if the tissue atrophies (shrinks) and you get the results without another procedure.


Nima Shemirani

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Contour Problem Secondary to Fat Injections

Liposuction with a small needle, similar to what was used to harvest the fat, is probably your best choice to remove the excess. As Dr. Verret said, steroid injections may help, but I find this approach less predictable.

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Fat Transfer Revisions

Fat revision can most certainly be done as a stand alone procedure. There are several options depending on numerous factors but you can try steroid injections to atrophy the fat or microliposuction to remove some of the fat.

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