Will micro breast implants be available?

I've been reading about micro implants and I'm very interested!! However they are not approved by the FDA yet. Is there any news if they will be available soon? Also, is there any information about clinical trial results as far as pros and cons to this procedure?

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I wish I knew when they would be available.  We all find out at the same time when such things will be approved.

Will Micro Breast Implants Be Available?

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If you want breast implants, consult with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to discuss what is currently available.  It is doubtful that any micro breast implants will be available in the near future.

Only the FDA knows when the FDA makes decisions

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Every week we hear about new and exciting products.  The FDA looks at all of these products to make sure that they are safe and effective.  None of us are privy to all of the information that they have and there is no way for us to know when and if something will be approved for use.  While we hear about "micro" implants and quite frankly all different types of "implants" the FDA requires a tremendous amount of data prior to approving these things.  I highly doubt that there will be any approval of a "micro breast implant" anytime in the near future.  Currently approved breast implants are very safe and effective and can provide an excellent result when placed by a properly trained plastic surgeon.  If you are thinking about breast implants I would consult with local board certified plastic surgeons and learn about current options as these are probably going to be all that is available for the near future.

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