What is the Ideal Weight for a Brazilian Butt Lift on a Female That is 5'3"? (photo)

I currently weigh 115 and am positive I have fat to graft. However, I want to be at a weight where my desires are possible. About what weight would this be?

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What is the Ideal Weight for a Brazilian Butt Lift on a Female That is 5'3"?

There is no ideal weight for a BBL, you just have to have enough fat to graft. You appear to have excess fat in the love handle/hip area and stomach. You have a great figure and are an excellent candidate for the BBL. You should be very happy with this procedure.

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Ideal Weight for BBL

Thank you for your pictures.  There really is not an ideal weight for fat transfer and gluteal sculpting.  Plastic surgeons look at BMI (body mass index) as a guide to choosing the best candidates for the procedures of their interest.  Ideally, a BMI of 30 or lower is acceptable but candidates for gluteal sculpting and fat transfer need enough fat to harvest and transfer.  Therefore a higher BMI may be tolerated and the exact BMI for each plastic surgeon is different.

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What is the Ideal Weight for a Brazilian Butt Lift on a Female That is 5'3"?

         In my opinion, you are there.  You can get a dramatic improvement in contour and buttocks if you find the surgeon who will liposuction aggressively without creating contour deformities.  Find a plastic surgeon with ELITE credentials who performs hundreds of Brazilian buttlifts each year.  Then look at the plastic surgeon's website before and after photo galleries to get a sense of who can deliver the results.

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Ideal weight for BBL

Hi. Is really dificult to predict  the exact weight you'll need to get to get an appearance like the one you wish for. Is impossible to predict how your body would react to the procedure. Even so, by seeing that most of your fat is accumulated in the "love handles" (which is one of the best spots to harvest), I'd say by getting 10-15 more lbs, you can deliver a great result with the amount of fat harvested.

Always consult a board certified plastic surgeon, to address your issues in more detail.

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