Very Small Wrinkle After Lasik?

I had Lasik 5 days ago, today was my second follow up and the Dr noticed a "very small wrinkle in my lower left eye" it is so small that his asst did not notice it until he pointed it out to her..dr was very open to fixing this by reopening the flap and stretching out the wrinkle. I chose not to do this as he said the wrinkle was and will not affect my vision or healing because it was so small. Should I have this corrected now? Will this be a problem in the future? Thank you in advance

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Very Small Wrinkle After Lasik?

If the microstriae (fancy word for wrinkle) is not in the center of the vision and not affecting the shape of the cornea (topography), then it does not need to be addressed. However, it is easier to "fix" early on so I would make that decision in the next 2-3 weeks.

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