When Can I Remove The Bra?

I just had surgery today. I was shown photos before, so I know my breasts will look odd but I still want to look. When can I remove the bra and see them? Also I have some gauze and stuff on the incision site, when do I remove that?

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When Can I Remove The Bra?

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I allow my patients to briefly remove the bra right away and see the results of the surgery, but I ask that they keep following the overall instructions for the best outcome.  Work with your surgeon for the best opportunity for success.

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Bra use after surgery

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As you probably already know, removing your bra to look will not change the outcome. Ideally you should have contacted your surgeon's office for further instructions but in general, my patients can look all they want and shower 24-48 hours following surgery. There are exceptions depending on what surgery is done so always best to clear with your surgeon.

Curtis Wong, MD
Redding Plastic Surgeon
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When Can I Look At My New Breasts?

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Dear Sandi7, In my practice, my patients can look at their breasts in the recovery room if they wish. I also have them shower in the morning after surgery. I have them wear a soft cotton bra or a sports bra for 3-4 weeks before they switch to an underwire bra. I found this to be not only more comfortable in the immediate post-op time frame, but also less expensive for the patient because the 3-4 weeks allows for settling of the implants and a more properly fitting bra. However, ask your surgeon when you can remove your bra and dressings. Good luck. Dr. G.

Douglas L. Gervais, MD
Minneapolis Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Augment

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I tell patients that if they want to take the bra off for a break every now and then its not a big deal. I use my bra for a week than sports bra for 3 weeks

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