Halo laser treatment; is this normal? (Photos)

This is my third day into getting Halo treatment. Lady who did the treatment she said she did the aggressive treatment. I am worried. I have pictures loaded as to what my face looks like. Is this normal? I am freaking out? Also I am olive skin (Indian) will I get post hyper pigmentation and how can I avoid that. If I get it is that treatable?

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Halo Laser - 3 day post treatment

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You seem to be progressing as you should. You should have a follow up appointment set up between 3 days to a week post treatment. At this stage, sun protection with a sunscreen that is broad spectrum and a sufficient SPF for your area, and a good moisturizer is important. 

West Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon
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Normal Response

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When I had my Halo treatment I looked the exact same way! You skin will feel like sand paper then will flake off over the next 2-3 days. Using a good moisturizer and physical sun block as Dr. Aycock suggested is the way to go. I hope you're happy with your results!

David A. Sieber, MD
San Francisco General Surgeon
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Very normal after halo

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It is absolutely normal after halo treatment and will gradually go away within 5-7 days. Sun protection and moisturizing you skin are very important during the healing period. 

Kevin T. Belasco, DO
Newport Beach Dermatologist

Normal recovery from HALO

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You probably are looking great by now . This is exactly how you look soon after the treatment but by the 5th day everything looks great and I am sure you will be delighted with the results. Thank you for the question and the pictures; it will help prospective patients.

Ahmet R. Karaca, MD
Birmingham Plastic Surgeon

Post Halo Treatment

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This is exactly what you're supposed to look like after Halo. All those rough brown spots will flake of naturally. You can wash care for your face as you normally do. Avoid any exfoliants or clarisonics until you have completely healed. Force to speed up the peeling process can result to scars. The best thing you can do is moisturize your face and protect it with a physical sunblock. Look under the ingredients of your sunblock to find titanium and zinc. 

Robert G. Aycock, MD, FACS
Bay Area Plastic Surgeon
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Post Halo Recovery

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Hello and thank you for your question. Based on your pictures you are experiencing a normal reaction to the treatment. Those brown speckles that probably feel rough to the touch will begin to flake after day 4 and should be completely gone by day 10. The skin may appear pink after all these speckles have come off, but it will return to normal with in a couple of weeks. I would follow up with your provider if you are concerned about pigmentation. They can suggest some products that you can use at home after you have completely healed which will minimize the risk of hyper-pigmentation. Here at Refined Dermatology we have multiple patients with olive skin and they have not experienced any problems. Best of luck, Dr. S. 

Steven Swengel, MD
Los Gatos Dermatologic Surgeon
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Sciton Halo Laser Results

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It does appear to look that your skin is starting to flake and peel which is common after the Sciton Halo.  However, I would follow up with your PS so they can take a closer look :)

Halo results

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From your photographs, we see this cinnamon sprinkle look not infrequently when patients with some underlyin brown have Halo. This represents the pigment inthe skin coming to the top of the column of the injury. This should resolve over a week or so. Follow up with your provider. 

Marc J. Salzman, MD, FACS
Louisville Plastic Surgeon
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