Would I be a good candidate for lip filler? (Photo)

Hi! I've never had anything done, but lately have been considering lip filler. I don't hate my lips at rest, but when I smile my top lip disappears. Also, from a side profile I've realized my top lip actually appears bigger than my bottom and I know that's not how it's supposed to be as far as proportions. Just wanting opinions. Thank you!

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Lip augmentation

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Hi and thanks for your question.

You have beautiful lips and I think you are a very good candidate for a small amount of filler mostly for your upper lip.

In most of the people upper lip is slightly smaller than lower lip and this is completely normal.I highly suggest to see an expert physician

Toronto Physician
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Lip Filler

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Hi there, from just looking at your pictures you have beautiful lips, but I can see your concern. Usually lips are proportioned smaller on the top and bigger on the bottom ,but with time and aging this can all change. We tend to lose volume and that beautiful rosy color, but that's where filler can correct some of those losses. I would suggest you make a consultation with the injector of your choice. By doing this you can discuss your options that best fits your achieved look. From what I can see from your pictures, you would be a great candidate for lip filler to get your desired look. 


T. Gerstle

Theo Gerstle, MD
Lexington Plastic Surgeon

Lip enhancement

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You have a beautiful foundation for lip enhancement. Filler can definitely create lips with a fuller smile. As far as proportions, often the bottom lip is slightly bigger or the same size. But the proportions are really a matter of taste and what looks good for your face.  Hope this helps. 

Michelle Eagan, MD
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon
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