Looking for Invisalign Provider Open to Payment Plans in Michigan?

I have no overbite. My teeth don’t look abnormally weird, but I have one bottom tooth that is in the middle and is turned a little. A few on top may need just a little work.

I have a dentist in my family, but they don't do the Invisalign treatment, so any x-rays, cleaning, whatever, I would just go to my family.

I definitely cannot afford to spend more than $2,000.00. My teeth are not really that bad. Can you recommend someone or someone who has payment options near or in Troy, MI?


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Chase credit or CareCredit can help with dental financing

You can apply online for these dental finance companies so you can get pre approved for the fees to do Invisalign. If you request the invisalign "Express" the fees should be affordable for you. That treatment only lasts 5 months,so if you qualify for it then you could do that...Go to Invisalign.com and find a local provider that accepts those finance companies.

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