I would love to have volume in my breast without a lift. I am not truly interested in achieving a larger size. (Photo)

Hi..I would love, love, love to have volume in my breast without a lift. I am not truly interested in achieving a larger size , just enough where I can wear my sexy dresses withou a bra..lol I am open to fat transfer to the breast or an implant. (Just without the lift..lol) My stats: African American 30-35 years old 36C bra 140 pounds No children (Excuse the lightening in the photos)

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Dr. Felipe Amaya recommendation

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To achieve the better result, I would recommend a breast lift with implants. This technique involve scarring which in time becomes very inconspicuous.

Breast Lift/Augmentation

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It will be necessary for you to meet with a Plastic Surgeon who can examine you and discuss your goals in detail. On the one hand, not increasing the size of your breasts would mean not placing an implant. If you do not wish to increase the size of your breasts than a breast lift for the purpose of lifting and repositioning your existing tissue would be the most appropriate. On the other hand, Increasing volume does mean the same as increasing size. Breast implants can do this and help increase fullness/projection of breasts. You may still require a lift component. Best to discuss in person.

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A breast augmentation boosts volume, whereas a breast lift addresses breast position.

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Hello, and thanks for your question. From your description, it sounds like you might actually be a great candidate for a breast lift rather than a breast augmentation. Through breast augmentation, implants create a larger size, whereas a breast lift does not involve an implant and helps to reposition your breasts higher on your chest wall. Thus, if you’re not looking for an increase in size but would like your breasts to appear lifted and “perkier” without a bra, a breast lift may be the best solution. I would suggest consulting a board-certified plastic surgeon in your area to discuss your various options in greater detail. Best of luck to you!

Achieving Volume in Drooping Breasts

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Unfortunately, there is absolutely no way you can achieve your desires without a lift. Since you are happy with your size, the lift is all you need. Implants alone will only make you larger but will not correct any of the things that bother you. The lift, however, will correct all of them.

Robert T. Buchanan, MD
Highlands Plastic Surgeon

I would love to have volume in my breast without a lift. I am not truly interested in achieving a larger size.

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Based on your photos alone you will require a breast lift. I would not preform a breast augmentation alone. Consult with an experienced board certified plastic surgeon.


Volume in breast without lift or implants

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In my opinion you appear to have ptosis (droopiness) and if you like the volume you have when your breasts are gathered up in a bra and lying higher up where they should be, then you need a breast lift. Small implants eventually look like a "potatoe in a sack" and fat transfer (grafting) requires preop breast expansion and probably more than one procedure to fill your breasts. You need to prioritize what is most important and seek the advise of aboard certified plastic surgeon.  

I would love to have volume in my breast without a lift. I am not truly interested in achieving a larger size.

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Thank you for your question and photo.

Unfortunately all breast implants drop with time. If you add the weight of a breast implant, in time you will sag more. A combination breast lift with implants may be your best option.

If you do not want to have a lift I would just rely on a push p bra. You do not want to go through the expense and recovery of surgey and end up with more sagging.

Breast lift, breast augmentation

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You can achieve a fuller breast superiorly with a small implant.  Lift would be best, but to avoid scars, a small implant could be employed.  Size increase would  be modest and give you upper pole fullness.

Paul Watterson, MD
Charlotte Plastic Surgeon

Wants no lift but fuller breasts (yet doesn't want larger size).

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You can either "fill" the skin brassiere you presently have with volume (implants) of whatever size you can live with,


you can have the incisions and resultant permanent scars of a breast lift that tightens your breast skin and make a perkier appearance. This will reduce your total volume by at least one ounce (of skin removal), while leaving your present breast volume intact.

But you can't have no lift and no volume increase. It's either, or.

Fat grafting into a normal breast for size increase is foolhardy, IMHO, as 11% of women (assuming negative family history) will eventually develop breast cancer, and the scars and microcalcifications associated with fat transfers will make detection of cancer more difficult, delaying a diagnosis and presumably worsening your prognosis. I do not recommend this, but only time will bear out my concern, as many of my colleagues are injecting fat into normal breasts in the hopes that they will be retired and untouchable by malpractice lawsuits when the time (eventually) proves me right. Plus, implants are simply better and more predictable.

You need to choose, and any surgeon who promises no scars and no size increase can't really provide both. It sounds as if a modest implant size in the appropriate profile to achieve more fullness in your breast base diameter will give you the no-lift procedure (and the sexy dress capability) you are requesting. But you will need to decide just how big of a volume increase you are comfortable with. This can be done via sizing with actual implants in a stretchy top (we have an entire room dedicated to this in our facility), as well as with goal photographs, which provide additional information when we consult with you. For examples of what can be accomplished with breast droop or loss of volume with implants alone, click on the web reference link below and look at cases 6, 7, 11, 25, 27, 30, 41, 45, and 63. Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

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