1 yr p/o from lift, capsule repair, implant exchange. I love my results, but they are starting to stretch at the top (Photo)

Stretch at the top of the breast (which was my problem in the 1st place) instead of the implants falling into the bottom, my skin always stretches at the top, making the nipple droop low. I really want to prevent it from getting worse. I'm a heathy person, I wear a comfortable sports bra almost always. My left side seems to be getting worse faster. Please help! I don't want another capsule problem, I want them to stay somewhat nice, but the sagging keeps getting worse. They were skin tight p/o.

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Recurrent breast ptosis (drooping)

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Unfortunately, skin continues to stretch and droop over time even after corrective surgery. Skin elasticity is affected by genetics, sun damage, and implant weight. Despite a small amount of recurrent ptosis (droop)- I think you have a lovely overall shape and your scars are barely visible. Over time you may want to consider another lift and at that time I would discuss with your plastic surgeon downsizing your implants with or without fat grafting. Best wishes, Dr Meghan Nadeau, Seattle, WA

Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Stretching after mastopexy augmentation

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We wish there was a way to stop skin from stretching after any type of surgery, but that us just impossible. Any skin that is tight will ALWAYS stretch. Capsules may tighten and stay tight because they are scar tissue, but not skin. Your results look beautiful and you will only make yourself crazy, and perhaps ruin what others would consider a home run, by trying to defeat nature. Patients who require a mastopexy in the first place are already preselected as being a person who's skin doesn't have fantastic elasticity. Same goes for tummy tucks. I would enjoy your fabulous results and eventually the time will come that you need to tighten up the excess skin to improve droop, but it shouldn't be done just to keep things tight. If thats your goal you will need surgery every year, and that is not reasonable. A bra that provides good support can help, and that doesn't necessarily mean a sports bra.
Good luck.

Stacey Folk, MD
Denver Plastic Surgeon
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Breast ptosis

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 The nipple droop that you see more on your left that on your right breast, we call ptosis. It is more related to the laxity of the skin and breast gland and really has nothing to do with whether or not the capsule is tight. If the implant has migrated downward in the pocket from a loose capsule, and is putting weight on the lower pole of the breast, this this can accelerate the downward migration of the breast with its nipple and areola complex pointing more downward. The correction of this involves the removal of skin both around the areola and along the vertical axis of the breast. A redo of the mastopexy. I recommend you go back to your plastic surgeon and discuss. Good luck.

Marc J. Salzman, MD, FACS
Louisville Plastic Surgeon
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