What's the Best Garment After a BBL?

I see some people with holes in the cheek area and some without. How do you know if it's too tight, obviously it's supposed to be tight because it's compressing the swelling right? Is there a preferred surgical bramd or place to get a garment?

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Best garment after BBL

Mrs Clarke:


Another good question...the answer is...it depends.


Yes, a tight garment will compress the swelling, but too tight and it might restrict blood flow and fat survival. 

I have switched between open gluteal garments (big holes for the but to stick out) to closed garments that have lighter compression in the butt area. Tara's garments in Miami makes excellent custom made ones.


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Dr. Michael in Miami

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Best garmet after BBL

After Broad Band Light ( BBL ) treatment we typically don't use a compression garments.  We use Neocutis Biocream as a topical treatment.  A good general rule of thumb for all garment use after any treatment is to have a snug, but not tight, feeling.  If the garment is too tight, it may constric the skin during healing and cause irregularities. 

Stefan Mark Szczerba, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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