The Diifference Between Traditional BBL and the One That Uses NIL or Tickle Lipo?

What is the difference between traditional BBL and the one that uses NIl or Ticke lipo using laser equipment instead of needles used in traditional lipo? I am more curious to hear about the effectiveness and the results. Thanks so much!

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Tickle Brazilian Butt lift

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Tickle or NIL lipo makes no difference in the final results of your Brazilian Butt lift.  Laser or ultrasound might help tighten the skin on your abdomen, but will damage some of the fat, and less fat will be available for transfer.  To maximize the fat transfer, just have standard liposuction and fat transfer, under general anesthesia, by a board certified plastic surgeon.

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The traditional liposuction has the least amount of trauma applied to the fat cells. Thus there is a better take of the grafts

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Fat harvesting techniques for BBL

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A brazilian butt lift involves taking fat from one area and placing it in another area, such as your buttock.  The way the fat is harvested is very important because the fat cells are very fragile. A broken fat cell will not "take" and will disappear in your buttock over the first few months after surgery. I personally find that laser, ultrasound, and any vibrational method (such as tickle lipo) may destroy or injure these fat cells. I personally use a very gentle manual extraction technique with very low suction in order to preserve all the viable cells. Poor harvesting technique is the reason why some doctors see 50% or greater fat loss over the first few months. It is important to chose a board certified plastic surgeon that is experienced with BBLs and does several per week.

Tickle Lipo vs Conventional Lipo

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            Tickle lipo relies upon a vibrational head, which breaks up fat.  Many perform these procedures under local.  I usually perform my larger volume liposuctions (up to 5 L) and fat transfers to buttocks (1200 to 1500 ml per buttock) under general anesthesia. 

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