What Are the Chances of a Fat Embolism with a Bbl/fat Transfer, Related to the Fat Transfer Not Just a Complication of Surgery?

Hopefully none right? Is it protocol to aspirate before just randomly injecting fat all over the butt? I would hope so, because how else are you going to know if you're in a vein or artery or not. I worry about these kinds of things I have no control over when I'm out, under the anesthesia. How do I know if the dr is really doing what they're supposed and not just doing whatever and rushing through to get the most surgeries done in a day?

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Fat embolism during fat transfer is very rare

The complication of a fat embolism during liposuction and fat transfer is extremely rare. I have never seen it and do not know of anyone who has seen it. There are some reports of this from other countries but again, it is very very very rare. To avoid this, I use special cannulas to inject the fat that are blunt tipped and cannot puncture a vessel. To avoid complications - not just the rare ones - you need to select a board certified plastic surgeon for your procedure. Cosmetic surgeons will not do!

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