Any Recommendations for Lip Lift or Injection Professionals in Miami?

Should I go for a Lip lift or lip injections? My lips arent that bad but I have thin upper lip and a distance between my nose I also want a result that looks natural and that will last long. Any surgeon recomendations for the Miami area?

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Lip Lift or Injection Professionals in Miami

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The ASPS, juvederm, and restylane usa websites would be a good starting point to find qualified physicians. Dr. Waldo Acebo and Dr. Bibiana Restrepo are 2 possibilities.

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Lip Fillers versus Lip Lift

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To start I have a strong bias against lip lifts that starts with my strong bias against aggressive upper lip work. I think most people look done when there upper lip is done either in isolation or even in combination due to poor aesthetic vision. I am a big fan of shaping the bottom lip. I think watching the attached video is the best way to understand my work. Interestingly, I do as many lip revisions as lip augmentations in my practice now, as you can possibly see on my Web site.

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