I had a full tummy tuck I was left with excess skin on the sides. (photos)

is there something that can be done to fix that maybe do a more V line scar instead of such a straight line scar

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Scar bulge after tummy tuck

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These "bulges" at the end of an incision are called "dog ears" or "standing cones". The reason this happens is that the most skin is taken from the central portion of the incision in a kind of football shape.  When you pull the centre tight portion together it creates redundant tissue at the edges.  This happens in any scar, regardless of length, but often the bulge smooths and flattens in time.

Sometimes the trade off to keeping a scar short is leaving a dog ear that you hope will settle with time.  If they don't then they can easily be treated under local anaesthetic with a small scar adjustment. Good luck.

Not unusual

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We frequently see this.  I agree with my colleagues that this can easily be corrected under local surgery.  After doing a tummy tuck, the surgeon must make a decision as to how far to extend the scars.  Frequently your surgeon opts to be a bit conservative knowing that a significant amount will eventually settle down.  If it has been more than 6 months, I would consult with your plastic surgeon and get his/her opinion.  If it is less   than 6 months, a certain amount of the "redundancy" will settle down - please be patient.   Best of luck - it seems that you have an excellent result.

Elliot Duboys, MD, FACS
Long Island Plastic Surgeon

Dog ears

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These are areas of excess skin that occur at the lateral extent of an excision.  Typically, these can be excised and closed in an office setting under local anesthesia.  Best wishes, Dr. T

Dr Derby

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It is most of the time possible to trim the scar a bit. You can discuss this with your surgeon. Best of luck

Derby Sang Caputo, MD
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon
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Sides excess skin

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Hello Yudy, the excess side skin that you show is not uncommon after a TT. This can be fixed (revision) under local anesthesia in the office; the revision will extend the side length of your TT scar. Thank you for your question. R. Lung MD

Richard J. Lung, MD
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I had a full tummy tuck I was left with excess skin on the sides.

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They are called 'dog ears' d deformities that can be excised under local anesthesia by your surgeon. If not your surgeon, I would charge $1,000 to do that revision for you under local.

Skin can be trimmed

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Your doctor can set up a session to trim the excess skin.
The excess on the sides can be trimmed more upward.

Excess at sides after abdominoplasty

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I think there is potential for these areas to be improved.
The bulge on your right side could potentially be improved with some liposuction.
Excess skin would usually need to be excised surgically so you would have to accept more scars?
I think a consult with a suitably trained and experienced plastic surgeon is your best way forward.
Best wishes

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