Weak chin, jowls? 30 year old, female, NYC. Will a filler in my chin make a difference at all for my type of profile? (Photos)

I've started to notice these shadows on the sides of my mouth and the weakness of my chin. I'd like to improve my appeance but I'd hate to have to think about surgery at my age. I feel like this makes me look sad/tired all the time. Are there any options and alternatives to improve this aspect of my face? Will using a filler in my chin make a difference at all for my type of profile? Would Thermage work for the shadows? Thanks for all your responses!

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Chin Augmentation

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Thank you for your question and sharing your photos.

Having a chin in proportion to the rest of your face will help your profile. Additionally, that "sad" look, is from shadows in marionette area. Adding some filler to your chin, and on the sides on the chin will help your profile and eliminate those dark "sad" areas. Adding filler to the chin can also help to give the appearance of longer face.. Chin filling should be in line with jawline. Fuller lips can also make the chin seem smaller. I hope that was helpful

Thanks for sharing.

Weak chin, folds

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Any area of depression or lack of projection can be treated with implants.  For the chin, a chin implant can be placed.  For the depressions near the corners of a person's mouth, filling agents can be placed.  I have used the filling agent Bellafill in both these areas.  I no longer use chin implants since I began using the filling Bellafill.  Bellafill uses a compound that has been in use for decades.  It has been found to be safe and effective.   I have found that the active filler in Bellafill lasts the life of the person.  So placement of Bellafill for chin augmentation is an excellent modality that does not require surgery and can be gradual.  Others may see you are more attractive but may not realize what changes you made to improve your appearance.

Donato A. Viggiano, MD
Port Saint Lucie Plastic Surgeon
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