Veneer nightmare. Will travel, please advise. (Photo)

I just payed for veneers on two front teeth to correct space. The number 9 veneer is twice as thick as number 8. It is impeding view of number 10. The dentist is going to reorder number 9 he said for no charge. But I think 8 is a little thick, too. They are uneven and he offered to fix it but was acting like he was frustrated and in a rush, so I told him to just fix it when he replaced nine. I thought maybe I could see which length was better. What do you think? I need help with this.

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Veneers nightmare

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I'm sorry you are going through this. I suggest that you look at your veneers before they are bonded to make sure you are happy with them. It's much easier to return a veneer to the lab than it is to cut them off. Second , you should have both of them redone at the same time. Don't redo one then match the next one to the redone veneer. Just start over. I agree that both veneers are too bulky and don't appear to be harmonious with the rest of your teeth. The color also appears to be too bright. I suggest showing your dentist these pictures and discussing with them how they plan to make the next set better. Since your dentist is going to remove these veneers I suggest having the dentist reshape them until you are happy with the contours. A model can be made of the corrected shape . This can be used as a guide for your temporaries and also for the lab to know exactly how you want the final restorations shaped. I hope this information helps.

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Veneer too thick

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Sorry for the situation.  Definitely the thickness, contour has to be checked before the veneer is cemented.  Also I am concerned about the material and color match of the tooth from the pictures.  Since these are your front two teeth, it is best to make sure an expert cosmetic dentist doing the work.

Best of luck.

Dr. Maddahi

Unhappy with porcelain #veneers #DrSoftTouch

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Hello there,
I'm sorry to hear that you've had a less than stellar experience up to this point. The best advice I can give is to speak with your dentist about your concerns with both veneers. Be specific about what you want for your new veneers and be sure that okay the shape and shade of your new veneers before having them permanently cemented. Veneers come in all shapes, sizes and shades, so it's important that you and your dentist discuss your expectations beforehand. I always recommend really analyzing before and after photos of actual patients of the doctor that you are considering when choosing your dentist. Any dentist that has done hundreds or thousands of these cases should have at least 10 to 20 great before and after photos. You may find a doctor that says they're the best, but before and after photos will give you a good indication of what you can expect. Good luck and I hope this helps. Follow me if you have more questions.

Sarah Thompson, DMD
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With veneers there should always be a process where you can view the temporary veneers and get an idea of what the final will look like before the final veneers are placed.
Artistry involves beginning with the end in mind. Every veneer done should espouse to this approach . Discuss with your dentist if they can fabricate temporary veneers for you so you can get to see how they look or feel before finalizing
All the best

Saj Jivraj, DDS
Oxnard Dentist

Porcelain veneers

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I am sorry that you had this experience. It is obvious from the photos that the veneers are not cemented correctly. There is a thick white line in between the veneers and the teeth, indicating the cement is exposed. Both of the Veneers should be redone, and there should be no visible cement in between the Veneer and The teeth.
This is it  a very simple fix and can be done in a matter of a few days.

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