Why would a vaginal rejuvenation not hold after 7 weeks?

Now 8 weeks postop after vaginaplasty A Dr wrote maybe the surgeon tightened but mayb it didn't hold. What would be the cause of it not holding? Second on a scale of 1 to ten 10 being the tightened I feel at a three. The first time to 4 th time was tight after that loosend why?? Scheduled to meet surgeon next week can do revision but is it worth it mayb laser tighting skin inside? Idk hope when I see him he doesn't use the weight excuse

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How many times do you need to hear that your vaginoplasty wasn't done right?

There's nothing wrong with YOU. You had a vaginoplasty that didn't make you tight. You had a failed vaginoplasty. You need a revision and you need to wait 6 months to get one. Since your surgeon has failed both you and your friend or relative, you need to find a better vaginoplasty surgeon.

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Why Would Vaginal Rejuvenation Not Hold

The specific risks and suitability of these procedures for each individual can be determined only at the time of consultation.  All surgical procedures have some degree of risk.  Minor complications that do not affect the outcome occur occasionally.  Major complications are rare. These can include infection, bleeding, (hematoma), separation of the incision, changes in sensation, pain, increased sensitivity, unsatisfactory cosmetic results.  Any concerns of infection, new pain, swelling, bleeding, drainage should immediately be addressed by the doctor. If you fear that your procedure has not held up its results then the best thing would be to follow up with your surgeon to have the area examined and make sure everything is ok. Good luck.

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7 weeks after vaginoplasty

Thank you for your question as it may and happens if the vaginal and perineal tissue defect was not addressed adequately during a surgical correction and/or recommended post-surgical instructions were not followed,  Generally, it should be lasting for a longer period of time than 7 weeks. You may contact your surgeon to address your concern and discuss a possible revision or consult another cosmetic vaginal surgeon. Usually, a revision is recommended at least six months following an initial procedure. Based on your grading 3/10, a non-surgical option might not be sufficient to bring the desired outcome.

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Repair breakdown

As mentioned to you before in my above note......it can just breakdown due to a unfortunate situation, heavy lifting, hard bowel movement, poor tissue integrity, poor nutrition, poor muscle tone or poor suturing by the surgeon.  This doesn't mean it can't be revised.  If you want to attempt the laser or radio frequency you certainly can but if your vaginal tightening surgery didn't work I doubt the laser will as it is not as aggressive.  Feel free to contact our office if you would like a phone consult

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