Second time sick after turbinate reduction! What's up?

Hi, I went through a FESS operation in june. Between that operation and my turbinate reduction three weeks ago, I was not sick once! Before my FESS I was sick alot. So I though all was good now, but after my turbinate reduction with radiofrequenzy three weeks ago, I got sick one week post-op, and got antibiotics from my surgeon, and now I'm sick again with heavy nasal mucus and sore throat. Why am I sick now two times in three weeks after turbinate operation? Should I contact my surgeon again?!

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Turbinate surgery

Hi regarding post fess surgery and turbinate reduction it is always during the initial phase to have  a periodic nasal cleaning and examination of the nasal cavity to prevent synechia it is a must to have a second look fess to see the operated cavity and if any adhesions seen has to be released to prevent sinus outflow obstruction.Hence do see your surgeon immediately and get it treated .

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