Thinking about to do a non surgical removal of a implant tooth upper # 13. Any suggestions?

to be replaced by a Nesbitt piece. Wanting to know if there are risks before and after the removal of the implant? what is better the Nesbitt Piece or Valplast partial upper removal . The implant are loose and I also have bone loss around the implant

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Nesbit is below standard of care

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Due to the risk of swallowing or inhaling a nesbit, some states have declared them below standard of care.  As a result, I do not offer them and would refuse to deliver one if asked.  This is a personal choice of mine, but clearly others feel differently.

It is impossible to say an implant CAN be removed non surgically.  Until you attempt to remove an implant, you don't know what you are in for, and they usually require surgery.  

Without seeing what your situation is, it is impossible to say what your choices are and what is best.

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