Is this swelling going to cause anything to be permanent? (photo)

I got injured during gym and didn't seem to break the nose ,just swelling. It added about half an inch to my small dorsal hump. All the way down to the tip of the nose.

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Is this swelling going to cause anything to be permanent?

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GreetingsThank you for your question, Evaluation on your photo the best is to consult a surgeon for one on one consultation as your photo can not show the clear condition.

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Is this swelling going to cause anything to be permanent?

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The photo leaves much to be desired.. All views of the nose are needed including pre-injury photos. It is a challenge to believe that your current nasal hump is due to trauma. If you would like to achieve your best looking nose- you will need in my opinion a full corrective Rhinoplasty, by a very experienced Board Certified PS

trauma to the nose

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When patients sustain significant trauma to the nose there are several things that can happen which can include a displaced nasal fracture, a non-displaced nasal fracture, or disruption of the upper lateral cartilages to the nasal bones. In addition a deviated septum can result from trauma. It's best to seek out a consultation/ examination by a double board certified ENT/facial plastic surgeon to examine the internal and external portion of the nose to document the extent of the injury. X-rays may also be necessary. For more information and many examples of broken nose repair in our practice, please see the link and the video below 

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Nasal trauma

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Without examining you in person, it is impossible to analyze your nose and determine what injury/ies (if any) you sustained. I advise you see a rhinoplasty expert for a consultation. Best wishes!

Thomas J. Walker, MD
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Nose Bump

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There is no way to know without an in-person examination. I recommend you schedule to see a plastic surgeon with experience in nose surgery. Most surgeons do not charge a fee for an initial consultation.

Soft tissue swelling

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Soft tissue swelling, specially in the nose, can take a few weeks to completely settle down.  It all depends on what the mechanism of injury was, how much trauma there was, etc.  That being said, until 4-6 weeks have gone I wouldn't be too concerned.  Keep a close eye on it, avoid doing anything too strenuous as that will continue to give you swelling in the area, and be patient! Once time has gone by you can determine what is or isn't permanent.  Best of luck.

Miguel Mascaro, MD
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