If I have a small dent in my butt after silicone shot removal. Will working out help it go away?

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Indentation after silicone shot removal

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Exercise will likely not help with the indentation. It is difficult to say exactly what procedure can be done without pictures or a face-to-face examination. Depending on the size of the indentation and the texture of the skin, filler or excision can be done. If indenting of the buttocks is severe a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) can be performed where fat is liposuctioned out of different areas (thighs, flanks, lower back,etc) of the body to fill the deficit. 

A consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon would be helpful in getting specific recommendations

Best Wishes,

Arian Mowlavi M.D.

Silicone Shots and Gluteal Augmentation

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Hello and Great Question.  I appreciate the time you are spending researching this procedure.  My name is Dr. Matthew J. Nykiel.  I am a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, a Fellowship Trained Cosmetic Surgeon, and a Butt Augmentation Specialist. Silicone Shots are recommended nor endorsed by the US Government.  Mainly bc of the negative risks/complications with the procedure.  Working out will not likely get the dent to go away; and frankly, if that is the only issue you had with the procedure you are extremely lucky.
Best of Luck!  Please reach out if you have any further questions or concerns. Matthew J. Nykiel, MD
Butt Augmentation Specialist
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Correction of buttock dent

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Depressions in thr buttock are often very successfully corrected with fat injections..If the dent  adherent, scar release may be necessary

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Fat injection to the buttock

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Without seeing you in person, it is hard to give you an exact answer, but I would suggest seeing a surgeon about fat injections. Taking fat from an area of the body and injected it into the buttock could help reduce the appearance of the dent. The drawback of a silicone shot removal is the scarring. Scarring would need to be released first, to make room for the fat. 

Buttock dents

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Working out is always good for you, but it will not help your buttock dents. Liposuction with fat grafting to the area is your best option. See a plastic surgeon for does a lot of fat grafting. Good luck.

Small dent after silicone injection removal

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If it is indeed only a small dent then fat transfer is probably your best option, if it is a large dent then i would likely recommend a buttock implant which is gaurenteed to last. Gkad to help. 

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