Are there laser treatments for Rosacea?

I have been on Finacea for a while and it works great for me ,however I am just tired of using it, and want to know if there are effective Laser treatments to cure Rosacea. I went to new Dermatologist today and he tried putting me on 5 different washes/ointments and antibiotics!

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Lasers for Rosacea

Lasers can be very effective for treating the redness and vessels of rosacea. The two most popular vascular lasers are the Cutera Excel V KTP laser and the pulsed dye laser. I have had very good success with the Cutera Excel V and the Cutera Genesis lasers in treating rosacea. A series of treatments are needed and the results are very nice in addressing the overall redness and the fine vessels seen in rosacea. If you have an inflammatory acne component with your rosacea, topical and/or oral medications may still be required so you should make sure to consult with a board certified dermatologist. Best wishes.

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Lasers for Rosacea

In our practice we are effectively treating patients with Rosacea with our Cutera device, ExcelV and Laser Genesis. Typically we see wonderful results pairing the two together for a series of up to 5 treatments. Each case of Rosacea is different so I would suggest to consult with a practitioner to set up a regimen specific for you.

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Laser for Rosacea...

Thank you for your question.  Yes there are lasers that are effective for treating Rosacea.  The Excel V and Pulsed Dye laser are both excellent options.  Cutera's Excel V has phenomenal results typically involving 1-3 treatment sessions and in our experience is the best laser treatment for Rosacea.  It can also be layered with Laser Genesis to yield even more impressive results.  Regards, Dr. Matt Elias

Matthew Elias, DO, FAAD
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