Silicone granuloma; will it come back if I get the granuloma surgically removed?

After receiving silicone butt injections 10 years ago, a hard painful nodule/ball has surface on the left side of one of my butt cheeks. Its accompanied with inflammation surrounding the nodule. I believe the hard ball is a silicone granuloma... I want to know will it come back if I get the granuloma surgically removed? It is about the size of a walnut.

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Recurrent granulomas

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I begin all consultations for silicone complications with an assessment of severity using the Karamanoukian Grading Scale for soft tissue reaction. The amount of substance and the severity of inflammation will dictate the longterm risk. 


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Silicone granulomas and removal after silicone injections

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THe individual granuloma will not come back, but you are very likely to have more problems in the future in other areas where the silicone was injected.  The granuloma also has to be removed very carefully.  Silicone destroys the vascularity of the surrounding tissues thus excisions need to be handled with care to avoid further tissue loss.  I usually combine silicone excisions with fat grafting to further improve the surrounding soft tissue and vascularity.  See a plastic surgeon that is familiar with these revisionary techniques.  I hope this helps!

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