Will I be able to return to Cross Fit after my augmentation?

Exercise and heavy lifting are a part of my lifestyle. I enjoy Cross Fit now. I'm having a sub muscular augmentation in a few months and I know that I need to wait 6 weeks after my surgery to resume exercise. I plan to wait 8 weeks before attempting chest exercises. I want to know, will I be able to return to my regular heavy weight lifting workouts after my body has recovered? I know push ups and chest presses may cause a distortion but is this temporary (lasts only while doing the exercise)?

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Crossfit after breast augmentation

YES!! You will be able to return to your normal weight/activity levels, but it takes time. Once you wait the initial healing time required by your surgeon, then you can start back slowly.  Understanding that just because you are past the "wait" time, doesn't mean you will be able to crank out 50 burpees right then.  You will over time, but you have to be patient and listen to your body.Good luck and I wish you the best for results and recovery.

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Activity following a Breast Augmentation

Here's what I recommend for my patients, on returning to activity: Two weeks post op- You may begin NON IMPACT cardio. This includes walking on a treadmill, using the elliptical machine without the use of your arms, stair climber, stationary bike, etc… Weight restrictions include not lifting anything over 10-15 pounds. No legs, core, chest, arms or upper back exercises allowed. Two months post op- You may begin MODERATE IMPACT cardio, such as light jogging and workout classes like Zumba. Core and leg work is also allowed. Still no chest, arms, shoulder or upper back training.Three months post op- You are unrestricted at this point, but remember to start slow with low weight (low means 2-3lbs!) and high repetitions. Do not do anything too fast or too heavy! Start doing push ups against a wall/counter, then knees and finally progress to the floor. Use resistance bands instead of pull ups. If you do Crossfit or have a trainer, start with a modified workout. REMEMBER LIGHT WEIGHT AND HIGH REPS!

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Return to Cross Fit

Thanks for your question. After 6 weeks you should be able to return to your exercise routine. I suggest that you start slow and gradually build up to your normal heavy lifting workouts. As far as implant distortion while doing push ups (termed "animation"), you are completely correct that it only occurs temporarily while doing the exercise. Good luck and all the best.

Ian MacArthur, MD, FRCSC
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Will I be able to return to Cross Fit following my breast augmentation?

You wisely have asked about the location of your planned implants in relation to your pectoralis muscles. While a simple answer does not address all of the complexities that are involved in breast implant surgery, at a certain point, you will be able to resume normal activities. This is directed by your surgeon based on the specific details of your operation and the amount of muscle manipulation that was necessary to achieve your post operative result. You are correct that implants in the retro-pectoral space will result in breast shape change with animation during muscle activity and this is to be expected. Wearing good bra support in heavy activity following breast augmentation is a reasonable measure to reinforce support for implant positioning.

R. Brannon Claytor, MD, FACS
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Will I be able to return to Cross Fit after my augmentation

Yes, after waiting the initial 6 weeks, you should be able to start your workouts. Remember to start off slow since you will have to get back into your regular routine. The distortion that may occur with push ups and chest presses is temporary and doesn't stay distorted when the muscle is relaxed. Good luck!

Farah Naz Khan, MD
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Cross Fit after breast augmentation?

Yes, you can return to your heavy weightlifting workouts. I have a couple of triple crown bodybuilders in my practice and I advised them that they can resume their training somewhere between 6 to 8 weeks. I suggest they start with light weights and gradually increase the weight over a two-week period. It is normal that your implants will "dance" or animate when you tighten your chest muscles. They return to their normal position when the muscles are relaxed. Hope this is reassuring and good luck to you. For more information on this and similar topics, I recommend a plastic surgery Q&A book like "The Scoop On Breasts: A Plastic Surgeon Busts the Myths."

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Cross fit?

The simple answer is yes.  You will fine.  What I suggest is to choose sizes that fit your chest anatomy.  This will allow you to return to your activity and also be natural.  Good luckDr Vasisht

Bhupesh Vasisht, MD
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Will I be able to return to Cross Fit after my augmentation?

Thank you for your question.  Not every patient is the same.  In addition, not every augmentation is the same.  Depending upon the size of implant, one's tissues, and the technique of surgery it is possible to resume exercise and activities such as cross fit in as short as six weeks.  In the final assessment, if one's body has recovered it may be possible, however, if one's body is not ready then it is not ready.  This is not an issue of a different surgeon or technique it is an issue of one's unique body and no amount of mental mantra can change it.  In the final assessment, follow the surgeon's instructions and once healed expect to enjoy years of satisfaction.  Good luck.

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Yes, you should be able to do CrossFit.

Giving yourself at least 8 weeks after your breast augmentation before you try chest exercises is a good idea. The first few times you work out may feel unusual and awkward as you adjust to your new shape. You may want to slowly and gently resume your exercises to avoid overdoing and straining your muscles. The animation of your breast implants may change and the implants could shift slightly over time. You should talk with your plastic surgeon about how to best plan your breast augmentation procedure to accommodate your active lifestyle.

Ricardo A. Meade, MD
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Once you’ve fully healed you’ll be able to return to Cross Fit and all exercise-related activities.

All weight lifting, including push-ups and chest presses, are back on the table after you’ve healed from breast augmentation, which is typically around the 2 month mark. However, the key is not to pick up immediately where you left off with these activities before you got breast implants. Your muscles and body will need time to ease back into your fitness routine, so it’s important to gradually ramp up your weight lifting and do a modified workout. Begin with low weights, start at one quarter of your previous intensity and listen to your body.

Lee B. Daniel, MD
Eugene Plastic Surgeon
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