Any one else reconsider BBL?

Has anyone else felt like "oh never mind I'll just use my money else where and not get the BBL?" BUT then again I want it done so bad

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Consideration and reconsiderations

I would say the great majority of patients have some trepidation, hesitation or going back-and-forth in their decision-making about having cosmetic surgery or what cosmetic procedure to have. The thinking process is as diverse as people are. Some people are also phenomenal candidates for certain procedures while others simply aren't good candidates are and are not going to have a great results. The return on investment for cosmetic surgery well done it's probably better than any other investment in life. It is certainly the investment that will last the longest. It is very important to get an accurate assessment to understand what type of results each individual person can expect. There are a few things worse than spending thousands of dollars that someone can't really afford on the procedure that leaves them either dissatisfied or even worse. I suggest consulting with several local board-certified plastic surgeon's to get well educated. Look for plastic surgeons who are giving you straight answers and setting expectations correctly from the get-go. Take your time I think about things for a long time. Talk to other patients who have gone through the procedure. Best, Mats Hagstrom M.D.

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Any one else reconsider BBL?

I think a lot of people who don't have a money tree have reservations about spending thousands of dollars on surgery. Cost is a big factor for many and that is why so many people take a chance and travel outside the US to have their surgery. You have to remember that this is an investment in you (your body). You do wear your body every single day. So really...this is probably the BEST investment most of us can make outside of providing for our loved ones or children.

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