Is this a realistic expectation for a male BBL? I have 4L of fat to transfer. Are there more risks when you go bigger? (Photo)

I’m 6’1 195. 24% fat 36 yo. I want a butt like those attached, but some are all muscle. I do not really know how to ask for this kind of look, so I did my own imaging - but I am not sure if that will look normal or if it is possible to do with fat (I do not want an implant). Also, as you go bigger, do you risk losing more in the healing period? Do you risk more contour irregularities? Any tips on how to communicate with my doc? I can't estimate CCs very well. (I think 800 per side?).

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Realistic expectations with a male BBL

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It appears your own imaging is within a realistic expected result.  I don't think you have 4L of fat on you though.  In my practice, I graft as much as possible. this depends on your body-skin tightness, buttock volume/size. so the final volume is relative to each person.  I've never had a patient that says their buttocks are too big.  it is always "I wish it were bigger".  I usually expect a 60% "take" of the final grafted volume. 

hope that helps and best wishes!

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