How to choose dermatologist for V Beam?

Hello, what questions I must to ask to dermatologist and what documents/ licenses I must to see before to do v beam laser? I have white and very sensitive skin, bruisers desapear 1 month usually. Not 1-2 weeks. How to avoid scaring, pigmentation and any damages? Which pills and topical creams I can't use before laser? I have rosacea, broken capillaries and some pimples still even after treatment by aczone and invermectin, doxycycline

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Rosacea best treated with the laser

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Bruising should not occur with the new VBeam Perfecta in most cases. I now use the Excel V and have better results. There is more swelling though. There is no documentation about the doctors experience with the lasers. You just have to go on reputation, and how long a doctor has been using lasers. It shouldn't take a month to get over a VBeam. It should be about 24 hours tops. Broken capillaries, rosacea, and acne can all be treated with either laser and is the best option for vessels and redness.

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